Friday, 13 September 2013

The animals will hunt you... if they can be bothered

It is a little known fact that Adam Wingard's You're Next included some other members of the masked murderers that were unfortunately unable to make it to the rendevous. We have been able to gain an exclusive insight as to their whereabouts.

The elusive Panda Mask was found distracted by the television. From what we could decifer from all the mermerings and grunts, Panda Mask had all the intentions of joining Lamb Mask, Tiger Mask and Fox Mask, but the enormous amount of energy required would of taken all day to muster and copious amounts of Krave cereal.

Rabbit Mask's alarm apparently went off late, and he snoozed four times. Reports have come in exclaiming that Rabbit Mask ran through the woods yelling "Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!". He tried to phone the others, but his call couldn't get through.

Don't be chumps like these masked morons and get yourself on the iTunes (or via the link below) and listen to the His and Hers review of You're Next. Don't forget to subscribe and give a nice rating on iTunes. Don't make your excuses like Panda Mask and Rabbit Mask.

Richee and Layla

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