Friday, 6 September 2013

More trailer goodness

So a while back I did a blog with trailers for films I'm eagerly awaiting so I though it was about time for another one so enjoy these trailers for upcoming films.

First up the reboot for the 1987 film Robocop some changes have been made to the original story but a strong cast including Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton should be enough to make this more watchable then Robocop 3 at least, and i would bet on that. Plus ED 209 is back my favourite movie robot. Due for release in febuary 2014 still got a bit of a wait on are hands.

Next up is Captain Phillips the true story of cargo ship captain Richard Phillips who is hijacked by pirates, and not the fun Johny Depp ones. Starring the all ways brilliant Tom Hanks this is one to watch out for out in late october this is one we will be hope fully reviewing.

And finally could you ask for any more then dragons,demons and the dude. Jeff Bridges stars as a spook some one who fights the things that go bump in the night, who goes out to recruit an apprentice to train so he can retire I imagine. Ben Barnes plays the seventh son of a seventh son who is the lucky apprentice who has to fight evil witch Julian Moore as an evil witch. Also out end of october that is looking to be a good month to review movie's

Well there you go any upcoming films you wanna see let us know and don't forget the podcast this week we review Elysium.Richee

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