Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Maybe he could magic up a spell to make it good?

You may have seen in The Daily Star and various other news sources that the fore runner to play Freddy Mercury in the biographic film is none other than Mr Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe. Now, I've nothing against Radcliffe, I didn't like the Potter Films but he's a competent actor, but my first reaction was, "Whaaaat??? Really?". For a start, he looks nothing like Mercury.

There was a lot said about when Sacha Baron Cohen left, claiming 'creative difficulties'. Apparently, Cohen wanted it to be a "gritty R-rated tell all", referencing Mercury's private life and the effect of AIDS on his health. Queen have stated though that they want a more family-friendly film and for people to be move by the story.

(They also felt that maybe Cohen would of made the movie into a "joke", which I find weird because I've always found Queen to be quite a funny band - remember the 'I Want To Break Free' video? - If they leave out the humour then they leave out what made Queen a great band.)

The story now is that Radcliffe can have the part if he wants it. Wow. They must really have a lot of confidence with him. Yeah, so he's comfortable playing a gay man since appearing in "Kill Your Darlings", he can apparently sing, and he's closer in height to Mercury (well, Mercury was 5'9", Cohen was a bit tall at 6'3", but Radcliffe is only 5'5"...), but really, he looks nothing like Mercury. Cohen at least looked similar, and has that kind of flamboyant presence that Mercury excelled at.

Unfortunately I don't see any of that with Radcliffe. This is going to sound a bit weird, but the whole Queen project seemed kind of safe with Sacha Baron Cohen at the helm. Radcliffe however makes me fearful for the project. I had a lot of good memories listening to Queen when I was young, so I just hope that they don't take out all that was interesting just to satiate the masses.


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