Tuesday, 17 September 2013

How we rate movies

Rating systems are essentially flawed. No way can you accurately describe a film between one and five stars. And of course, they are subjective. But you cannot doubt their usefullness when it comes to informing people why they should or should not see something. Sometimes, it is just easier to see numerically if something is worth it or not. You can describe it as eloquently as you want, but if you're giving it a two out of ten, I really don't thinkI'm going to give it the time of day.

Knowing all that, me and Richee will now present to you our rating system. Please remember all of our views are subjective. Use them at your own risk!

One out of ten is a downright dispicable film. A film with this kind of rating has got to absolutely offensive, stupid, lazy and horrendous. There is nothing good or clever about a film like this. Avoid like your life depends on it.

Two/three/four out of ten are the type of films that you really wouldn't waste your time with. When we give a film this rating it's usually nothing that is artistically wrong with the film (as in the directing, editing etc. is satisfactory), but that it is boring, lazy storytelling/script, or offensive. This is why we gave films like The Impossible such low marks while Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian gave it 4/5 stars: me and Richee just couldn't get over the blatent disregard for the native people who suffered in the tsunami, doesn't matter how good the directing is.

Five out of ten is an average film. You know the type of film, the ones where you go "yeah that was alright". You could probably sit through it again, but it would be far outside of anyones top ten films list.

Six and seven out of ten films are our above average films. There is something about them that makes them more watchable, whether its an interesting storyline, a standout scene, or an impressive soundtrack.

Eight and nine out of ten films are extremely impressive films. These films you could sit and watch again and again and again. Really wonderful films. Acting is spot on, storytelling truely engaging, directing compelling and everything else that can make a film amazing.

Ten out of ten films are, well, the best films that have ever existed. These are the kind of films that are not only beautiful to watch but touch you emotionally as well. The type of films that haunt you and inform you how you'll see yourself from then on. Game changing films. Not many of these films exist.

There is a second layer to how we rate films. We like to let the film sink in a little before we rate it, to see how it effects us. Me personally, I judge a film like this; a) how does this individual film effect me, b) how does it compare to other films of its genre, and c) after that, how does it compare to the cannon of film history.

It's important to note that we try and score these films as accurately as we can. Many a time have we seen someone say that they thought a film was rubbish and still give it an eight of ten. It doesn't make sense!

So for all you people out there, I hope this has cleared up for you how we rate films. We aren't sentimental, reactionary, and we try and judge the film individually of its own merrit.


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  1. Thats why I rate things out of 5 lot easier to grasp the concept