Saturday, 21 September 2013

How to deal with boredom at the movies

If you've listened to our Riddick review*, you will know that I suffered a tremendous amount of boredom during this film. I hadn't suffered this amount of boredom since I was tricked into seeing Transformers 2. Both times I was a fidgety grumpy mess.

Luckily, Richee was also bored, so it wasn't too bad. Doesn't always end up like this though. Sometimes, you are made to, nay, forced to sit through a film you find horrific, because someone you like wants to see it. Rather than starting an argument when the films finished, employ some of these rules, so at least a bad film doesn't become a boring film.

  1. If you've got a sneaking suspicion that you may find the film boring, try and book tickets at the back of the cinema. If your anything like me, then you'll rolling around and fidgeting and being a general pain in the ass. So do everyone else a favour and make sure you disturb them as little as you can.
  2. Check how long the film is going to be. If it's over two hours, maybe consider going in the morning or at least after lunch. I remember seeing Babel late at night, and the slow pace and long running time made for a very dull film. People even walked out. 
  3. Whatever you do, don't go pissing about on your phone. It's noisy, distracting and impolite. Also, don't go chatting through the film. A little whisper here and there is fine, but save your conversation for when the film has finished.
  4. Bring snacks, especially things like popcorn or things like M&M's. Eat them one by one, very slowly.
  5. If you've already decided that the plot is a pile of poo and there is nothing really in the film for you, then focus on the specifics of the film. If you're into clothes, evaluate the costumes of the characters. Like music? Concentrate on the soundtrack. If its a genre film, how about film bingo? Eat a piece of popcorn every time Kirstin Stewart pouts. Take a slurp of a slushie every time a building collapses in dramatic fashion. NOTE: do keep an ear out for the plot. You don't want to seem like a completely obnoxious douche to your film date, especially if its something they've really wanted to see.
So I hope this helps you're future cinema experiences. Lets hope you didn't end up crying like I did!


*unfortunately this podcast is no longer available.

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