Tuesday, 17 September 2013

How did you prepare for Grand Theft Auto 5?

Below is a selection of snacks that I gathered up for Richee for when he runs home from work clutching a copy of GTA V to his breast. The evening will entail of me laughing at him play while we gouge on snacks. Because you know, nothing should stop your game play.

Expect reviews from from Richee and/or Mr Dear when they have exhausted the game. The last I heard of Chris was that he was walking a Rottweiler in gameplay... Sounds like exciting stuff!

So how did you get prepared for the biggest gaming release of the year? Stocked up on snackage? Stayed up to get it at the midnight release, arms cradling cans of Monster? Or was you one of the people to bribe the postman, to stop them delivering the game to your agonised partner?

Let us know, and happy gaming to you all! Let me know when you're ready to come outside again.


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