Monday, 2 September 2013

Hit-Girl a perverts dream? Have they even seen the film?

Hit-Girl is a curious character. There are people in certain newspapers that claim she has been sexualised in the same way Angelina Jolie was in Tomb Raider, and is a paedophiles dream. There are people that bemoan the fact she swears like a sailor and says the c-word (people that are prissy about swearing need to get a fucking life). That she is depressing because she still admires her father Big Daddy, the one who made her Hit-Girl, even though he deprived her of a 'normal' childhood.

Anyone who has seen Kick-Ass 2 will soon realise what all this "lack of childhood", endless training and supposed nihilism was for. She realises that all the pathetic vanity of high school girls is vapid and useless, and realises that in a few short weeks, when it takes some people years, nay, decades to realise that. That trying to control swearing as a way of self-control and 'properness' is pointless (swearing is a way to decrease pain). The biggest point of all is that she knows what she wants to do with her life. Yes, she may kill a load of people, but they are bad guys, they are people intent on making the world a worse place. It is all done in good spirit, in honour, to help people.

And to all those people that want to remind girls all the time that they are potentially the victim of paedophiles and rape, I dare you to attack Hit-Girl. We need to stop telling girls how weak they are and that they're fragile. We need to encourage girls to be as physically and mentally strong as Hit-Girl is. As she knows, the only person who can truely defend you is yourself.

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