Friday, 27 September 2013

Grand Theft Auto 5 story review

What a game, what a story, and what brilliant characters. Following Francis a gangbanger who wants to make some thing of his life and his "brother" Lemar. Michael De Santa a bank robber and family man who faked his own death to escape a life of crime and be with his family. And Trevor, Michael's former partner and all round nut case who you really wouldn't want to upset. The story switches between all 3 and each have there own property's to buy and mission's to do. You start of as Franklin but The game kicks off when Michael upsets a mafia boss and ends up owing him big. Which leads him only one choice go back to his criminal past. This leads Trevor now running Trevor Phillips inc to his former dead buddy, which he isn't to happy about so decides to take his buisness to another level. Deciding there isn't enough room in the area for him and the lost motorcycle crew. And the F.I.B who helped staged his death and now decide they need favours due to his return to crime. I don't want to really say anything else as this is one game you should play through yourself. The dialogue is witty and funny the radio stations are awesome even with the lack of a heavy metal station. I would say this game is worth the price on it's own with out the online multiplayer still to come plus looking at my stats now this is the longest story I have played since Skyrim. My final rating is 74% complete with 32 hobbie and past times to do 5 strangers and freaks and another 12 miscellaneous I still got a lot to do my play time is just over 35 hours. If you just focus on story missions your still looking at 20 hours of game play at a guess probaly more. I do intend to play through this again and do all the heist's the other way round and Franklin has to make a decision near the end which i would like to see what happens with the other 2 paths. but with story alone and the re play ability this game is easily a 9/10 it is a brilliant game with the only thing I didn't enjoy being the flying but that is down to me more then anything. And I was starting to find Trevor to be a bit of a nuisance but with those small details this is a must buy for all PS3 and Xbox 360 owners. I'm also hoping to get back on youtube when the online comes out. Richee

While your waiting for that why not go listen to the podcast this week we review Rush.

You get an evaluation at the end of the credits this was mine.

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