Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Who doesn't like freebies? No one, exactly. So we here at His and Hers have decided with the next 20 comment and 5 star rating we receive on iTunes we will give you a blue-ray of your choice. If that doesn't get you excited then I feel for you. I got 99 problems but a blue-ray shortage isn't one. It does work on a first come first served basis so get in quick to get the blue-ray you want. You can choose from these titles:

1.Invictus 2.Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter 3.Shank 4.127 Hours 5.Pandorum 6.Burke and Hare     7.The Expendables 8.Tyrannosaur 9.My Name is Bruce 10.Thirst 11.Payback 12.28 Days Later               13. Fantasic Fear of Everything 14.Dinner for Schmucks 15.Eraserhead 16.Rubber 17.Perrier's Bounty     18.The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 19.Hangover 2 20.Scott Pilgrim vs The World

They are your choices people. Once you've done it send us your iTunes name, address and choice of blue-ray to hisandhersmoviereviews@gmail.com, and we will send it out to you as quick as we can.

Thanks as always for your time and support. Don't forget to check out the new podcast today we review Rush. Richee and the Layla

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