Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Why there should be a grindhouse superhero film

Ok, I'll hold my hands up, I'm not the biggest fan of superhero films. My favourite one is Batman Returns, the Tim Burton one with Michelle Pfeiffer as Cat Woman (her transformation into the feline anti-hero is still one of the scariest scenes that I can remember in film). And yeah, Sin City was good too. But the current spate of big Hollywood superhero films really leave me bored and depressed. The amount of money that is spent on them - Spider Man 3 was an eye bleeding $258 million - is sickening and is pumped mainly into over whelming CGI and not so much on the script, the directors are egomaniacal "fan boys" who don't even follow the source materials story line, and the actors are cast mainly on their cinema going pulling factor as opposed to who would be actually good for the part. And then theres the whole deal of who actually owns the theatrical right to portray that character, which leads to different actors all playing the same role, and hero's from the same universe unable to appear in the same film (although I understand that there is a complex procedure of multiple and parallel comic universes which leads The Hulk to be saving humanity in one world and then ripping apart Magneto as a zombie in another universe). All in all, superhero films nowadays are over produced and bloated with dollars.

Which is where the point of this blog post comes from. After watching The Wolverine, as well as other recent films, where the violence is dealt so casually, the love story is so pathetic and characters taken so seriously, I thought, wouldn't it be great if The Wolverine was a grindhouse film? Comics anyway are a throwaway media (well, they where originally) and, admit it, the characters are ridiculous. The Wolverine is named after a giant type of weasel otherwise known as a "skunk bear". A grindhouse Wolverine film would of been incredible. Superhero films are basically exploitation films, but dressed up and infantilised to be sold to the under twelves. I just hope that the next wave of films such as The Boys will get back to the original craziness of the graphic novels.

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