Friday, 2 August 2013

What happens in the Kremlin, stays in the Kremlin!

Hey guys! It's Chris, I went and saw RED 2 today, for me it was a lot better than the first and the first was pretty damn good! Frank Moses (Willis) is still dating Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), Frank is trying to be normal and live like a normal retired man, whereas Sarah is getting a bit bored because they're not out adventuring, and minutes after Marvin (John Malkovich) turns up needing help that Frank is reluctantly thrown back into the espionage world. I'm not going to spoil any of the plot as it's full of twists and turns that you'll probably guess before they happen, but no film is unpredictable these days. The basic plot line is a document turned up on the internet saying that Frank and Marvin were involved in a plot to find and detonate a bomb created and hidden by mad British scientist Bailey (Antony Hopkins) who's been locked up by MI6 for the last 30 years. This then makes the American government send out a government assassin Jack Horton (Neal McDonough) after Frank and Marvin, when he fails they hire Korean crack assassin Han (Byung-Hun Lee). And MI6 hire Victoria (Helen Mirren) to kill Frank, Marvin and Sarah as well. They all follow Frank, Marvin and Sarah around the world who are trying to find Bailey. Thrown into the mix is hilarious conversations between Frank and Marvin, where Marvin is trying to teach Frank about women, the Russian silver fox, Ivan (Brian Cox) flirting with Victoria, and Bruce Willis looking like he's actually enjoying making an action film as he clearly hasn't in a while (ie DIE HARD FUCKING 5.)
Frank Moses is seriously bad ass in this film, it's a lot more brutal than the first film with the martial arts of Byung-Hun Lee taking down groups of SWAT officers single-handedly and him fighting John McCla-cough-Frank Moses. For me, the person that stole the show was Antony Hopkins playing an insane old British guy locked up for the last 30 years. I'd highly recommend this film to everyone who likes action movies, whether you saw the first one or not, BUT if you didn't watch the first RED then shame on you, you totally hit that right now. Also go over on iTunes and listen to Richee and Layla review the final chapter of the Cornetto trilogy The World's End! And don't forget to subscribe!!

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