Friday, 23 August 2013

super hero news

Well I imagine everyone knows Ben Affleck is gonna play Bruce Wayne/Batman in the upcoming Batman vs Superman film and to say this hasn't gone down well is an understatement. But I wanna just say, come on guys, it's been 10 years since Daredevil and with his recent performances I say best of luck. I'm willing to give Ben the benefit of the doubt.

Next up, an old one for you guys Vin Diesel got announced to play Groot in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy. Bradley Cooper is rumoured to play Rocket Raccoon. I have been a bit quiet about this because even though I'm a self confessed Marvel fan boy I have never read any of the comics (as of yet), but I imagine I got about a year to catch up on it, so more news when I know more.

Right, now on to the big news. Avengers Age of Ultron has got its Scarlet Witch to partner up with Aaron Taylor Johnsons Quicksilver and that is Elizabeth Olsen, coming straight from filming Spike Lee's Oldboy. Jumping straight into Avengers is pretty impressive so lets just hope I like the new Oldboy or else I won't be so happy. Richee
P.S. Don't forget to check out the podcast. This week is the Lone Ranger, but Tuesday is our Kick-Ass 2 review with Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

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