Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Movies I would like to see made - Rookie Magazine

Rookie Magazine was started by the 15 year old Tavi Gevison (on the right in the picture above) in 2011. Aimed at teenagers, I admit I regularly indulge in it. How many other magazines are there where they offer a tutorial of how to look like Clara Bow, dealing with failure, and a mixtape dedicated to Enid Coleslaw? All this while encouraging teenage girls to just be happy with themselves, no matter what they look like or what they take an interest in.

PITCH: So yeah, teenage girls anti-Shout mag, but why should it be made into a film? Well, for the pure reason that there hasnt been a half decent bildungsroman for ages, and if there has been its obviously been so crappy I haven't noticed it. Think of films like Rebel Without A Cause, Expresso Bongo, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bullers Day Off and Clueless; all amazing films that make you wish you where a teenager and not a teenager at the same time. So what difference would a Rookie film make? First off, I think it could be the first film to properly address the post-internet teenager. With the likes of Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and the like, it is so easy to express yourself, make up a charcter, connect with people, but also so easy to become damaged through all of it too. The idea of a "linear education", so to speak, seems weird now. Information is so easy to access, even Tavi knew more about fashion then most fashion students at 11 years old. But with all this extra information and encouragement to act older then your years, how do you even still stay a teenager...

TREATMENT: I wanna say a road trip, just because they've already done their own road trip. A group of teenager girls, about 16 or 17, travelling from the east to the west of America. A mixed bunch of girls, the artist, the fashion girl, the book worm, the musician maybe, all love each other, all argue with each other. I almost picture a bit of Britney Spears Crossroads in my head. But better. The direction would be important. Rookie is aesthetically obsessed. Maybe sun bleached like an old 70's film, a bit of Wes Anderson, maybe even a smidge of Tarantino. But I think the best director could be the artist Ryan Trecartin. Plots that deviate, use of old school internet techniques, and collaborative, Trecartin best describes the internet as it is at the moment.

I for one, would be excited to see this film. A teenage coming of age movie pulped up in a contemporary art blender? What could be more awesome?

Is there any films you'd like to see made? Let us know on the Facebook page or in the comments below.


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