Thursday, 15 August 2013

movie's i would like to see made richee

The Layla put out a blog yesterday for a film she would like to see made. Well now its my turn to step up and tell you what I want to see made into a film.
The Summoner was a very underated PS2 game by Thq which I fell in love with. It has a brilliant story which could easily be turned into a epic fantasy movie along the lines of Lord of the Rings. The story follows Joseph, a farm boy with a strange mark on his hand, which when combined with certain rings he can summon certain beings. Believing this to be a curse, as he unleashed a powerful demon trying to help his village from an attack, he ended up murdering his family and village when he was younger. He is now being hunted down by the empires army as the prophercy says only Joseph has the power to kill the emporer and end his brutal reign. Having to come to terms with his powers and control the monsters he can summon he sets out to find the magical rings and joins up with a rag tag group. From the thief Flece to a fellow survivor of his village, who is now the soldier Jekhar fighting against the tyranny of the empire, who also hates Joseph being led by his trainer (Yago). Joseph is told he can fuse all the rings to fulfill his prophercy which turns out is a lie and his mentor is actually possedesed by the demon he summoned as a child which murdered every one. Being tricked by the demon, he releases the other demons in the rings and then trapped by the empire and left to rot in a dungeon this is where the second film can begin with Flece rescueing Joseph and setting out to find another set of rings which summon the demon rings enemies, the dragons having to now defeat both the empire and his child hood nemesis the demon who murdered everyone, and who now has taken over a portion of the kings empire, which could really be another trilogy. So, Peter Jackson go buy a PS2, buy the game, then get started on this once you finish The Hobbit trilogy. Your welcome. If you guys have anything you think should be a film from book to game let us know and don't forget to check out the podcasts. Richee

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