Monday, 5 August 2013

marvel take a look at this

So with all the new super hero films coming out, there is a rumour that Sony were planing a stand alone Venom film which led me to a short film called Venom: Truth in Journalism, directed by Joe Lynch. The film follows Eddie Brock around after being realeased by the Daily Bugle paying some French students to follow him around and record him being rather dark and peculiar. Ryan Kwanten plays the lead which is alot better choice then the Spiderman 3 Venom Topher Grace. I still belive it should be played by a more bulkier actor as the character is a bit of a beef cake. This also reminded me of another short film I had seen a while back starring Thomas Jane repriseing his role as Frank Castle or The Punisher, which I think is better then both the feature length films they put out. You can also see Ron Pearlman in this short film directed by Phil Joanou. I will leave a couple of links so you guys can have a look and let me know what you think and if you think a Venom film or another Punisher film would be a good idea. Richee
p:s The Wolverine review out tomorrow

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