Tuesday, 20 August 2013

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A while back I mentioned a film called Maniac which I was looking forward to because it allowed Elijah Wood to continue his vaillanous reputation, as I thought he played Kevin in the Sin City film brilliantly. Directed by Franck Khalfoun, we follow the story of Frank (Elijah Woods), filmed through his perspective. It doesn't take long for his killing spree to begin. We find out that he has a fixation on the scalps that he takes and the manequins he repairs. He then meets Anna, played by French actress Nora Arnezeder, who uses manequins for her art. Frank takes a liking to her in a good way (not the I want your scalp way). We are given glimpses to Frank childhood few short clips, where his mother seemed to have no problem putting it out when he was about, which seems a bit of a weak back story. So thats the story and here is my five cents; from what could have been an eerie creepy film instead we get a whiny little splatter fest which never sends chills up your spine. I gotta point the finger of blame at the director, as I feel Elijah wasn't allowed to be menacing and just seemed a bit whiny, which can be annoying. Also, I'm not sure where the general public are in this film but with three scenes where girls are fleeing from the maniac there is not a person in sight from an empty train terminal to an empty street, then later on to another empty street during the day where a single car rolls up cause its needed for the plot. So, all in all, this is one horror and film I would advise you give a miss my rating for it is a 3/10; this is a bad film with little sense or entertainment. Now here is the Layla with her opinion. Richee

A remake of the 1980 William Lustig film, Maniac is a weak and uncomfortable film. Weak because the film attempts to create a monster out of context, which makes everything he does meaningless. There is quite a strong reference to Ed Gein and the Texas Chainsaw/Buffalo Bill style of character; the obsessive murdering, and a kind of fetishisation of certain parts of the body (Frank is this film claims that "hair is the only part of the body that lasts forever"). But what was good about the Leatherface/Buffalo Bill characters is that they could be explained easily but remained complicated at the same time. Frank, however, has his hair obsessioned unexplained. The whole mother issue is puerile at best (probably just an excuse to show some more sex). You see him freaking out and taking pills to cure his "migraines" (his psychotic tendicies coming to surface), but surely, whoever prescribed him these pills whould realise that he is absolutely unfit for society and should be kept in a care home for the mentally ill at least. All this creates a really unrealistic psycho who you just don't understand. Yeah I know psycho's are pretty incomprehensible, but the best horror films at least try to give you a reason why the murderer does what he does. How this film tries to do this, and fails, is having you see the film through Franks point-of-view. You don't understand anymore so why he does this stuff, and it just seems like a rather cheap gimmick. The film made me uncomfortable becuase it was just another explotation film. All the women wore short skirts, offered themselves to him (sex), and like Richee said, there was NOBODY to help. As a woman, it just made you feel like you are purely put on this earth to fulfill man's most primative and savage desires, whether its sex or to hurt people. It's a film that makes you not trust men, which isn't a good thing. As a horror film it is gross and trivial, and as a film in general it insulting and boring. I'll give it the same as Richee, 3/10; don't bother with it. Sorry Elijah. Layla

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