Friday, 16 August 2013

making crap games to hustle money

Bit of gaming nonsense for you good people. I recently downloaded a free game called Spartacus Legends by Ubisoft, because looking at the screen shots it reminded me of the excellent PS2 game Shadow of Rome by Capcom. Shadow of Rome had some brutal arena fights against multiple enemies that ranged in sizes, lions and even had some chariot racing thrown in. There was multiple weapons thrown from the crowd to decimate the enemy from maces to spears and even giant war axes. You could cut your enemies to pieces and feel like you just won a hard wrought fight.
But though and behold, Spartacus Legends is in no way shape or form that game or any where near as good which was greatly disapointing. What you get is a one on one affair with strong attacks, weak attacks, a block breaker and a rubbish grapple function which left alot to be desired. I mean its been 8 years, how has no one gone "my god we could make a gladitorial game with death match or team death match and many other modes" and make it epic, but no.  You can't even customise your character. You can win coins and get a gold piece every time you level up, but what this game really is is a smash and grab on your wallets with the ability to buy gold coins to buy the better equipment which is really worrying. Because instead of making a good game they just pushed out something which they say is free, but to have any chance in pvp I imagine you will need to spent some cold hard cash. So I would advise you not even bother with this very lack lust outing for a genre that could actually be amazing if done right. But lets face it the chance of that happening are slim as Capcom are no where near the standard of game making they use to be. Don't forget to leave a comment and listen to the podcasts. Richee
$149.99 for 3000 gold coins. Is it just me or is that not right? Boycott this shit now before they charge us for everything.

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