Monday, 5 August 2013

I am the walrus, goo goo goo'joob

Kevin Smith, of Clerks fame, hopes to have a film ready for next years Sundance Festival within six months of its conception. That's a pretty swift process. But who can blame him when the concept is a man who wants to live with a walrus. The idea came about from a Gumtree advert, in which a Brighton man taking on his retirement requested a housemate, who could have a double bedroom and run of the house, and live rent free. The only catch? He has to dress up as a realistic walrus for two hours of the day, only make walrus noises, and eat any fish or crab the retired man throughs at him. Sounds strange right, but the Brighton man states that the most interesting time of his life was when he spent three years alone on the west coast of Alaska with only walruses for company.

Sounds absolutely crazy and brilliant at the same time.

So Kevin Smith heard this and thought, oh yes, but it's not crazy enough. The film, entitled Tusk, will be a Hammer Horror homage, where a mad scientist tries to sew faux blubber to a lodger. If I'm honest, this film could be brilliant or shit. I'm hoping for the previous, as a) it's a Kevin Smith film, b) it's a Hammer Horror-esque film, it it'll be scary and conscious of its silliness at the same time, and c) it's got walruses in it. As you can see in the picture below, Odobenus rosmarus is a curious mix of frightening, ridiculous and incredibly smug all the same time. I am gonna keep an eye on this film. With so many film clones, adaptations and remakes, a totally original film is quite rare now. Even rarer to be done with such haste too.

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