Sunday, 25 August 2013

Films i wanna see made: Archer

So for those of you who havn't seen the brilliant animation by FX, Archer is about Sterling Archer, voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, who is the head agent at the spy agency ISIS run by his mother, Malory Archer. But the group rarely see eye to eye on missions and usually end up against each other in some peculiar way or another, or just trying to screw each other over. Bionic Barry (Dave Willis) is Archer's arch enemy currently stuck on a satelite in space at he end of season 3. They usually do inter linking episodes, with 2 to 3 parts of the series 3 being where Sterling becomes king of the pirates. So a feature film wouldn't be beyond there ability so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some thing in the future. My favourite character is Doctor Krieger, voiced by Lucky Yates, with a checkered past and blood ties to Hitler. His peculiar experiments always entertain, from his part pig part boy Piggly or bringing back Archers murdered bride by turning her into a cyborg. So if you havn't seen Archer yet get on it and start hoping for a feature length film soon. Also check out Frisky Dingo and Metalocalypse, another 2 brilliant animated series by FX. Richee.

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  1. I thought 'Heart of Archness' was a sort of feature film.