Tuesday, 23 July 2013

won't this nightmare ever end

So out of all the good news from comic-con comes the most depressing thing I could ever imagine. Fede Alvarez wants to do a sequal to his fuck that ending Evil Dead film. If you didn't hear my rant about this 2013 re-boot which wasn't for the original fans, even thought there were nods towards the original films, it was for new fans. Cause who cares about the fans of the previous films who have worshipped Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, who brought the special edition book of the dead dvd, who purchased the 3 original films on blue-ray. Yeah fucks those guys WELL I SAY FUCK THAT cause I am one of those guys. With my Evil Dead 2 poster hanging up Spaced style, with my 12 inch ash figure mounting the fridge, with my Bruce Campbell artwork and Evil Dead graphic novels. I say leave it alone Fede, find something of your own to ruin but leave Evil Dead alone. It's bad enough this film happened but with Layla as my witness if you go make a sequal and have the nerve to bring icon Bruce Campbell into it, even though your films aren't for the fans, I will make it my mission in life to hound you till the day I die. Right rant over sorry guys needed to get that out. Oh and i beg you don't buy their film. The less profit they get the more they might be put off, lets stop this now before it goes too far. Richee

 Thats for you fede swivel.

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