Sunday, 7 July 2013

The future for DC movies?

In my opinion, after the way Nolan finished his trilogy with Wayne hanging up his cape to sit in French cafes everyday waiting for Alfred to go on show up, they now need a new movie to bring him back or restart the series and also Christian Bale announced he won't be playing Batman in the Justice League, or in another stand alone Batman movie unless it's the fourth chapter in Nolan's "Dark Knight" which Nolan quickly said isn't happening, so they need to introduce the new Batman anyway. Also I think after that one, they need a Batman and Superman collaboration before the Justice League, 'cause I think that'd be a better film than one with Aquaman in.

After the success of Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" Trilogy and Zack Snyder's Superman reboot "Man of Steel" where are DC and Warner Bros planning on going? They announced that they are actually doing a Justice League movie which is to be released in 2015, but what about individual movies for the individual characters? There's rumours they're thinking of doing them AFTER the Justice League so as not to follow Marvel's footsteps (which clearly worked but hey ho).

After the failure of "Green Lantern" with Ryan Reynolds, there's rumours of another Green Lantern but whether Ryan Reynolds plays Hal Jordan again is yet to be announced, he apparently has said he doesn't want to so whether it'll be a sequel or a remake and take it in another direction, OR they could do what Marvel did with the Hulk with the sequel and new actor in which kinda worked, it was just a shame the film sucked.

A Wonder woman movie has been confirmed but no details about the cast or script have been announced. And also an Aquaman movie has been confirmed, Warner Bros are working with Leo DiCaprio's production company Appian Way to make it happen. Also confirmed to be made is a Flash film but again nothing confirmed, so nothing will probably happen in the way of individual movies for a while, but why they're choosing it to do the opposite of Marvel just because their rivals did it that way first is just ridiculous. Having the individual heroes introduced and then thrown together in the big Avengers movie worked fantastically and it seems backward to have it the other way, it has no continuity for one, for instance with Marvel, you look at Robert Downey Jr and you know that's Iron Man, you saw his origin and know his story, and the same with the others, but imagine watching Avengers first and you'd be like "oh so he's that guy and he's that guy, got ya!" whereas you should already be past that because they've been introduced to you!

So yeah, have that bitchez, I'll keep my ear to the floor for any news on what's going on and I shall post anything I hear, also Thor 2 in November is going to be sick! Hopefully better than Iron Man 3 which while I enjoyed, I was still quite disappointed on some levels.

I loved Man of Steel and look forward to seeing Flash and a new Superman and Batman film so they should hurry their butts up on those ones, but for now, why not just go listen to Richie and Layla's podcast where they review Man of Steel and most recently Seth Rogan's new film This is the End! And after that, go subscribe to it on iTunes, you know you want to! Peace out from Chris!

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