Sunday, 21 July 2013

nerd's unite

Well I should have waited a day before putting out my Vin Diesel post, as the title for the next Avengers film has been announced and it is Avengers Age of Ultron. Which has to put Vin Diesel as the most likely candidate to play Vision, and with Aaron Taylor-Johnson rumoured to play Quicksilver this should be a sequal which lives up to its origins. If you aren't familiar with the Ultron story, Hank Pym aka Ant-Man creates the robot Ultron which rapidly evolves and become's an extremely deadly foe who then in turn creates vision to be his servant. When Vision is defeated by the Avengers they unlocked his emotions and he then in turn joins the Avengers so the comics were brilliant. Can't wait to see what they put onto the big screen for 2015.

Now moving over to D.C they have announced that the Justice League movie will not be coming out until 2017 rather then 2015. So why has it been pushed back by 2 years? Well that is a good question. The answer is the Superman/Batman cross over. Oh yes apparently this is the sequal to Man of Steel which leaves me wondering how much Batman will actually appear in this film and if it will be a verses more then a partnership at the beginning. I imagine Lex Luther will also make his appearance as well but until we get more news we can only guess what they will do. The big question is who will play Batman after Christian Bale threw in the cap after The Dark Knight Rises? Richee

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