Saturday, 20 July 2013

more marvel name dropping

Well it seems Vin Diesel has apparently had a meeting with the people at Marvel and they want him for a future marvel movie. As I rack my brain to which Marvel hero Diesel could play I keep coming back to the Thing, we know that the fantastic four will be getting a re-boot so why not it could work. It seems though that vision is an early favourite among fans I guess with Scarlette Witch being in the next Avengers film bringing in the Vision story arc could work well with it. At the same time there are a number of possible villain's he could play, apparently it will be announced at the end of the month so if it's something shocking like Paul Giamatti playing Rhino i will be back to bitch about it.

While we have suffered a lack of interwebs we have still been posting podcasts so if you want a review for Man of Steele, World War Z, This is the End, Hummingbird or A Field in England go check out the podcast's and keep an eye out for our Pacific Rim review out next week. Richee

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