Sunday, 9 June 2013

Fast 6

Hey all, it's been a while since I've posted anything but hey again! I recently watched Fast and Furious 6 and before you all yawn and go "why the hell would you watch the 6th film in a pretty average series?" well for me, the series starts at 5 as I was never a fan of street racing films (I'd rather play Need For Speed and race myself rather than watch a bunch of douchebags nobody cares about occasionally race for 30 seconds) but with the 5th one, they introduced Dwayne Johnson, who probably needs no introduction but needless to say, he brought an action edge to the movie and along with the story being about doing the bog standard "one last job" of heisting a ridiculous amount of money off some drug lord in a ridiculous manner. It was mindless fun with ridiculous stunts and some good action, and it was the best of the series in my opinion. The 6th one however, starts where the 5th ended, Toretto (Vin Diesel) and friends have retired with their fortune, and  are living the high life, part from Paul Walker who now has a child but his million dollar mansion is a "house" and not a "home" and he's all for the modest living in a small neighbourhood with his friends who are more like family to him to make him come across more human, and a bit more three dimensional in a film where everybody is pretty cardboard.

But anyway, there's some English criminals taking out military convoys all over the world and The Rock needs help stopping them, and he believes you need a thief to catch a thief, or however the saying goes, and so he goes to Toretto and then they're offered full pardons if you help blah blah blah, the standard stuff in films. As you can probably tell, I wasn't interested in the story, it's nothing original, I just wanted to see insane stunts and The Rock smashing people's faces in, and it delivered. The film is pretty action packed, goes from London where the baddies want to take out Interpol and set an elaborate trap for them so they can flip police cars over with a flat, carflippingmobile, but it dries up in the middle with the story going in Michelle Rodriguez's character who "died" but didn't, she's working for the baddies but at the back of her mind she wants redemption and Vin Diesel wants to give her that, and it just dries the whole film up. But then shit goes down, with a silly chase on a highway with tanks and stuff, plenty of explosions, we learn that Vin Diesel can fly and Shaw (that English bad guy I should probably mention) gets captured. What's with the new Hollywood movie formula where the bad guy has to get caught? Star Trek Into Darkness, Avengers, Skyfall, Dark Knight...

But yeah anyway, Shaw gets captured and it leads on to his getaway as he's taken to an airport, and at the time that he escapes a massive plane lands and the good guys stop his getaway, it takes them 20 minutes and they're travelling at 100mph, so that runway must be the longest in the world being the length of France. Besides that hilarious oversight, the finale is pretty cool with a lot of hilarious action, like cars hanging onto the plane as it tries to take off, somebody dies but nobody notices till 5 minutes after they've won, and even then everyone just goes "oh Dear." The cast is the same as the 5th one pretty much, nobody is outstanding, Diesel's crew is your stereotypical heist movie cast, The Rock superman punches someone which was definitely the highlight of the film for me as that was just awesome, and Paul Walker is like an uncool version of Brad Pitt. The bad guy Shaw is played by Luke Evans, but he's based his performance on Sean Bean from GoldenEye, everything about him just reminded me of 006. But his character was pretty naff but all of the characters are very two dimensional and noone grabs your attention.

Overall, it's an average film, it's entertaining, it's silly, if you've got 2 hours and nothing is on tv, it's worth a watch, just for the action, you won't give a damn about any of the characters, you don't need to think about the story whatsoever, just enjoy the mindless action. I'd give it a 7/10, I watched it to have a laugh, watch some car chases and silly stunts, and it delivers in that part. But I'd skip through the character building in the middle as that part just sucked. It goes back to the street racing for 5 minutes where there's one street race, and it got the car bewbs, and the hotpants back and the loud rap music but then got back to action after that. After the credits there was a scene from Tokyo Drift as Hans dies, and they set it up for a 7th one as it turns out Hans' death wasn't accident, it was masterminded by Jason Statham, who is obviously going to be the baddie in the next one. So will we have a Dwayne Johnson vs Jason Statham fight? I hope so, it's not going to be in The Expendables 3 so it has to be somewhere! On a sidenote, if Dwayne Johnson isn't in The Expendables soon, then Stallone needs a slap. He needs one anyway for that Bullet to the Head garbage but I WANT THE ROCK IN THE EXPENDABLES. If that guy with cauliflower ears can be in it, why can't The Rock!

With this ending, it proves that Tokyo Drift is set after 6 making Tokyo Drift not the 3rd one, but the 6th one, making this one the 5th and now with the 7th film in the making, it makes TD the 7th one and the 7th one, the 6th one. The only headache you'll get thinking about these films is when you think about the timeline.

Anyway, I'll do a top 10 of my favourite films next week, and also I'll do a thing about Download Festival as I'm hitting that in a few days (boo yeahhh). Also go over to YouTube and watch Richee play Dead Space 3 and Fallout and watch Layla play Walking Dead and Fallout! Also give The Hangover 3 review a listen on iTunes! Until next week, peace out people from Chris!

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