Sunday, 16 June 2013

Can you be too critical?

I appreciate I'm part of a movie review podcast, but sometimes I read the reviews of others and think, did we just watch the same film? Sometimes it's people giving too much love to a mediocre film ("Wreck It Ralph" being one - admit it, it's nowhere near as good as Toy Story, Up or Wall-E), but other times it's people slating a film way too much. Take the imdb reviews of The Purge by readers of the site; many of them give the film a 1, 2, 3 out of 10, saying that the dialogue is crap, the acting rubbish and the plot completely unrealistic. And yeah, I would admit all of these things about the film, but it doesn't constitute the awful scores it's been gaining. The acting and dialogue is a bit meh, could've tried harder there, but the storyline is definitely worth your time watching film. There have been people complaining that "yeah, like at would stop people killing, restricting it to one night a year, if they want to kill they'll kill!", and yes that's probably correct, but this film isn't lodged in reality, it isn't providing a solution to a problem. This film is an argument taken to its logical conclusion. It's scary because you could imagine some government somewhere thinking this is a good idea, and maybe trying it. But for me, it was the way the media portrayed it, with all the cool reverence of someone that isn't affected by it. Anyone that has seen Charlie Brookers dissection of the news will know what I mean.

If you really did hate the film, then fine, but if your critical judgement swings wildly from love to hate with no room for actual critical thought, then I suggest you give it a couple of days and think about what you actually like/dislike about a film before you spew your misguided hate all over the Internet.

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