Monday, 10 June 2013

What the fuck am I watching?

Sometimes you just think, why couldn't you have used that money for something else? "The Hangover Part 3" cost $103,000,000 to make; that's Shane Carruth's "Primer" made 14,714 times, or Kevin Smith's "Clerks" 3,815 times. These films, along with plenty of other low budget classics like The Evil Dead, Blair Witch Project, and El Mariachi, were all made on a shoe string budget and contained more imagination, integrity and honesty than The Hangover Part 3 ever contains. It frustrates me, because the more money they pump into these big budget boring films, that do indeed make money despite the fact that so many people say they are shit, the more money it takes away from the new filmmaker with an original idea. However, I think I've devised a test to see if a film is worth making - David Lynch spent 5 years and worked minimum wage jobs to get the money for his first film "Eraserhead", Kevin Smith sold most of his comics, maxed out his credit cards and used the insurance money from his flooded car to make "Clerks", Alfred Hitchcock remortgaged his house to make "Psycho" - do you think Todd Philips would of gone to those lengths to finance The Hangover Part 3?

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