Saturday, 4 May 2013

Why are superheroes so mortal?

What have we given superhero's that they didn't have before? The same as we've given the animals: a human personality. "Iron Man 3" is the latest in a recent trend to portray the apparent ├╝bermensch as vulnerable, anxious and capable of mortal mistakes. Iron Man is the same as Batman and Kick Ass in the way that they are human with the resources to fight crime under disguise, but whereas in previous incarnations the hero's where always some kind of mega policeman, standing up for the law and morality, the new bunch of protagonist will collapse under the slightest human flaw. Tony Stark suffers anxiety attacks in this film because he doesn't know where Tony Stark ends and Iron Man begins. He worries about his heart, and is more concerned with settling down with Pepper Potts. Is it just me, or are movie makers trying to humanise these superhero's too much? Comics such as Superman where designed to teach people the difference between good and evil in a time where morals were all over the place, and the bad guys were truly evil. In the contemporary films, the bad guys are out for fame and money, which incidentally is what many of the superhero's are wanting too (Stark is a billionaire who keeps on getting asked for his signature). I am told that he is the good guy, but who am I really to trust? I may be looking too much into this, but when I watch a superhero film, I want someone who is going to save the day and stand up for the little guy, not be a glorified soap opera with more explosions. "Iron Man 3" is an okay film, but a story about corporate enterprise seems a little misplaced in a superhero film.

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