Monday, 27 May 2013

Trailer's to check out

Hi there peeps so with Youtube on the go and trying to get it as much attention as possible I havn't actually done a blog in a while. Now i have been racking my brain trying to figure out what to actually do a blog about and I come up with nothing. So I started watching some trailers and i thought hang on a second I could put up a few trailers for films i'm really excited about so here we go.

Kicking right off with the world's end as a major fan boy of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost this is one I can't wait to watch throw in Martin Freeman and Mark Heap now I'm giddy with excitement only problem with this is it's the end of the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy just gotta hope they decide to go all Star Wars and do another six films.

Wasn't really paying that much attention to We're the Millers until I found out Jennifer Anniston is playing a stripper then it got my full attention. With Jason Sudekis and Ed Helm this one should have a few laughs as well but what peaked my interest is Will Poulter who I first saw in Son of Rambow, who looks brilliant in this film, glad to see another Brit making it big in America and hopefully this will catapult him further up there

Another film I would have had very little interest in until I saw the trailer. I've all ways been a Marvel boy and thought Super Man was ridiculously over powered so dismissed him and D.C as boring except Batman of course he is bad ass. But after watching this trailer for Man of Steele I'm more then a little excited to watch this now. Who knew all you needed to get me excited was Michael Shannon sounding absolutely terrifying.

So there you go guys check them out and let me know what you make of them, also while i have your attention don't forget to check us out on Youtube and listen to the podcast's got Star Trek review out at the moment and The Great Gatsby review will be out tomorrow links down the right side of your screens thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. Richee

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