Thursday, 16 May 2013

top 5 worst directors

Some one is to blame for terrible films and that falls on the director. Having watched Paul W.S Anderson's Resident Evil Retribution I decided enough is enough and some one needs to have a bitch at these talentless money grabbing bastards.

5.M. Night Shyamalan- Signs, The Village and The Happening; someone needs to tell M.Night that twists don't make good films. I'm hoping he will have figured that out for After Earth.

4.Paul W.S Anderson- The fact is I'm writing this because of him. I thought he would be higher having ruined the Resident Evil franchise and the god awful AVP. The only thing that keeps him out of the bottom 3 is Event Horizon which I enjoyed and leaves me asking the question, what went wrong?

3.Declan O'Brien- Wrong Turn 3,4,5 and Sharktopus. Need I say more?

2.Uwe Boll- The maker of most terrible game conversions with the likes of House of the Dead, Alone in the Dark and Bloodrayne. I wonder who keeps hiring this guy. He has never made a good film but his films don't make me want to harm others like number 1

1.Jason Freidberg & Aaron Seltzer- These 2 work together on directing I guess so they can switch the blame to the other for their appaling films Epic Movie, Disaster Movie and Meet the Spartans. Thats right, these two morons are the people keeping lame ass spoof films going. I imagine there is a special place in hell for them where they have to watch this shit over and over again. Well I hope so anyway.

There you are people, I made myself some rules for this list being I had to have seen at least 3 of their films which kept Fede Alvarez off this list. Joel Schumacher, to be fair, he only did Batman and Robin which was terrible. So there you go what do you think guys comment if you think I missed some one and don't forget to check out our new podcast which is about the expanding the His and Hers brand and check out the youtube channel which I'm really excited for. Richee

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