Monday, 13 May 2013

The Impossible. A story about a big wave hitting a small holiday resort. Or that's what I saw.

Hi there, it's Chris!

I recently watched The Impossible, now in this post, I am by no means being offensive or disrespectful to what happened in real life, I'm being offensive and disrespectful to THE FILM. The Impossible is about the tsunami that hit Thailand in 2004, but the film focuses on one family, played by Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts, Tom Holland and two other little kids that had about 30 seconds screen time. If you want a more detailed brief on the film, go to imdb or listen to Richee and Layla's podcast where they slate it too (lol) and rate it a lovely 3/10.

Hollywood seem to guilt trip people with these films on natural disasters with real life stories because you know, they're based on true stories, you either like this film because IT REALLY HAPPENED or you have no soul! But hey, I have no soul, so here goes: the tsunami was a like a 30 second thing, there was no atmosphere about it, and I realise in real life, the family would have been swimming and having fun, then BAM tsunami, but I'm watching a film about it, I want to see what causes the tsunami, I want to see the tsunami, I want to see what happened to the country when it hit, not just this little family in a tourist resort, it's too self centred. And the ending was so offensive, the family find each other, everyone's happy,  and they're all told how they'll get loads of insurance money for the surgery and stuff, and they fly away into the sunset. And they leave the devastation  the disease, the hunger, the dead, the injured. But who cares, the British family lived, woo!! I can now sleep happily knowing Ewan McGregor and his family lived through their two day nightmare, because we clearly didn't give a damn about the native land who's people were left devastated, with no hope. It enraged me. I mean, why make this film anyway? It came out in 2012, the disaster happened in 2004, in that time, Thailand has rebuilt the area and moved on, yes the dead will always be remembered, but this film isn't dedicated to those, it's dedicated to a random Spanish family who lived, so the film makers didn't actually give a shit about the country anyway. They saw lots and lots of money from loads of sympathetic, lovely, caring people who were guilt tripped into liking this film because it's based on a true story. Shame on you Hollywood. Shame. On. You.

So now I've got that off my chest, Chris is signing off. Don't forget to go on iTunes and subscribe to the podcasts, and/or go to YouTube and watch Richee and Layla play Fallout New Vegas! Ciao motherfuckers!

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