Monday, 6 May 2013

sod this guy where have the funny guys gone

So recently in films the bit part players have seemed to garnish more attention then the hero/star of the film. Due to their amusing traits with the minions from Dispicable Me being proof by how much promotion surrounds them for the sequal. So here are my top 5 minions in film.

5.Elfs-Rise of the Guardians-The best part of this very poor outing where the amusing and silly little elfs. The film would have benefitted from alot more of these guys and Russian santa.

4.Gingerbread man and co-Shrek franchise-So I like the Shrek films but thought the most amusing characters were gingy, big bad wolf, pinnochio and the 3 blind mice. Would love to see a film just about these guys and maybe donkey.

3.Penguins-Madagascar franchise-The fact these guys have had some spin offs all ready shows you they were above and beyond anything else in this film and I'm including the main cast in that. Would much rather carry on watching these guys.

2.Aliens-Toy Story franchise-Brilliant films which got worse as they went on in my opinion, but loved the aliens through out from the claw to being Mr and Mrs Potato Head's children they all ways made me smile.

1.Minions-Dispicable Me franchise-Who can say the reason they watch these films is for Gru and the girls? No one. Without these funny little fella's this film would have been distinctivly average but they did have them so we had a good film and now a sequal hopefully with a load more minion high jinks.

So what do you think guys? Who have I missed out? I actually really struggled with this list so let me know. Don't forget to check out the Iron Man 3 podcast and The Look of Love starring Steve Coogan will be out tomos. And don't forget we our now on YouTube so definatly check that out and subscribe to give it more exposure for everyone else. Richee

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