Saturday, 25 May 2013

Oh no, don't look at me. I'm only standing here in my bra and panties

There's been a recent bit of furry about a scene in Star Trek Into Darkness that features a new character called Carol Marcus (played by Alive Eve) in a few seconds of undress, where you see her in just her underwear. The fuss has been made because its been judged to be sexist and misogynistic. The script writer Damon Lindelof has given a rather half hearted apology on twitter, where he berates himself more than his actions, and said that it should be seen as fine because Kirk (Chris Pine) is also depicted in just his underwear in the films. But what I think is that Lindelof Hs completely missed the point. The build up to that scene was obvious, cheesy and cynical. It's like the screen writer had a checklist he needed to full fill; dumbass hero? Check! Suave villian? Check! Explosions? Check! Gratuitous women in her underwear scene? Check? It's like these films become caricatures of themselves, and obviously it wouldn't be the first action film that has done this.

The scene just screams of bad taste to me. It wasn't even necessary, you could of just had a simple cut scene from one uniform to another. It was clearly meant for the male gaze, as it was Kirk that oggled at her. Carol wasn't ashamed of her body (which was one good thing, I guess) but the acting style was clearly intended to just show as much as her body as possible. Of course Richee was excited to see boobies, but it just felt silly to me in what was a fairly enjoyable sacrifice. In that moment it just became a film based on big explosions for small boys.

No way am I against nudity or sexy people in film, but scenes like this need to be put in context and not just as a masturbationary aid. The worst bit was that it was cynical show boating for what potentially could of been a good film. Next time, chuck your check list in the bin and just write a good script (and keep it under two hours if you can please).

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