Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Need help trying to get nudists to dress themselves?

Fitting in with your friends?

Or how about becoming part of a team?

The famous His and Hers Movie Reviews T-Shirt Competition is back! In our Iron Man 3 podcast we revealed the question to win one of these beautiful t-shirts:

Who sung the song "Iron Man"?

If you want to be like Mark, the winner of our previous competition and shown modeling the shirt in the picture above, then just answer the question and let us know through any way possible. We suggest answering through twitter (@richeeandlayla), through our Facebook page, on our podbean site or maybe even in the comments for this very post. We will reveal the winner in our next podcast, due out Tuesday 14th. Good luck!

Once you've entered the competition, why not check out our latest podcast for Micheal Winterbottoms latest film The Look of Love, and also our new YouTube channel, where we are both doing play throughs of Fallout New Vegas (with mixed results). All the links are on the right.


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