Sunday, 19 May 2013

His and Hers takes over the world

We didn't review a film in our latest podcast, as there was no new films in our local cinema, so we took it as a chance to tell you all about where His and Hers is going. The podcast features input from our latest blogger Chris Dear, as well as our other blogger L. J. Spence, of whom we are very glad to have both of them contributing. Plenty of opinions on here!

We also talk of our twitter @richeeandlayla, and our Facebook page, where you can win a blue ray every Saturday if you friend us.

And finally our Youtube page His and Hers Let's a Play, where me and Richee play the part of a gaming nube and pro through play throughs of Fallout: New Vegas, The Walking Dead and Dead Space 3. expect lots of swearing and screaming and me pleading to just play tetris...

And of course the podcast. You can find us on iTunes and on Podbean.

Thanks for everyone for listening, reading and watching, and look out for more stuff from us. This is just the beginning....


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