Thursday, 2 May 2013

Guns, Explosions and One Liners!!

Hey guys, it's Chris Dear here! I'm new to the His And Hers Movie Reviews so be nice! I'll be giving you random updates on what's happening in the movie world, for instance, Marvel Studios recently announced that they had re-acquired the rights to Daredevil but have also announced they have no plans to make a Daredevil film in the recent future. I'll also be posting articles like this! And also I'll do a few reviews, which I hope you enjoy!

After recently watching Olympus Has Fallen, a Die Hard rip off that is totally a lot better than Die Hard 4 & 5 and is a genuinely very good cheesy action movie, I've decided to put a list of my top 5 action movies, these aren't really based on story, acting or anything like that, these are basically, if I'm gonna put an action film on, what the top 5 choices are for me!
At Number 5, we have Expendables 2! This film includes all of the overdue retirement heroes including Arnie, Jet Li, Sly Stallone, Jason Statham, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis and Dolph Lungdren. It's filled with more guns than Call of Duty, and is an hour and half of pure violence! Barely any story but who needs story when you have the greatest action heroes shooting the shit out of Van Damme's private army! All you need to know is Van Damme is a bad man and everybody is gunning for him, including Chuck Norris, who even says a Chuck Norris fact. Best scene: Jason Statham beheading a guy on a helicopter propeller.

Number 4, I'd put the latest Rambo. now I admit, the first one is the best, it had a pretty decent story (Vietnam soldier can't cope with being back in normal life so goes a bit mental when he's pushed around by a over the top sheriff) but isn't a great action film as he barely kills anyone, Rambo was a chance for Sly to raise awareness for genocide in a place that is pretty much ignored by the public and the world, and also a chance for him to ruin a lot of people, this is a total kill fest, with a body count of 236, an average of 2.59 kills a minute. Best scene: Rambo on a .50 cal machine gun. Need I say more?

Number 3, Commando! This film is one of Arnie's best. Pretty basic story, ex-special forces Arnie, living remotely, and happily with his daughter (cue gayest montage to ever have been filmed) daughter is kidnapped, Arnie told to assassinate some guy but he doesn't, instead he goes after the kidnappers. Filled with hilariously bad one liners only Arnie can deliver, and an awesome 20 minute gun battle of him walking through a garden shooting everyone, and everytime the camera goes off him, his gun changes. Best scene: Matrix (Schwarzenegger) fighting Cooke (Bill Duke) in the motel room.

Number 2, The Terminator 2: Judgement Day! This is just absolute gold, Arnold Schwarzenegger was born to be The Terminator. This time though, Arnie is the good guy, sent back in time by future John Connor to protect young John Connor. The T1000, a Terminator made of liquid metal, able to transform his arms into blades, and be able to shapeshift was terrifically portrayed by Robert Patrick. If you haven't seen this film yet, stop what you are doing and watch it! Also get a copy of the Special Extended Version, it basically has an alternate ending where Judgment Day never happens and thus Terminator 3 and Salvation never exist. It's awesome. Best scene: T1000 chasing Connor down the dry river beds in a truck.

And finally, number 1, it has to be Die Hard! Alan Rickman's first ever movie role, and he nails it perfectly as the German Hans Gruber, with a very dodgy American accent, just letting him down slightly. This film has everything you need, action (Bruce Willis slaying terrorists) drama (Bruce Willis pulling glass out of his feet, whilst saying he doesn't think he's gonna make it) and comedy (Bruce Willis being a smart arse every 30 seconds). Basically Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) and friends take over the Christmas party at Nakatomi Plaza, McClane (Willis) avoids detection then starts killing off the terrorists and saves the day. Best scene: It's really hard to pick a favourite part as the whole movie is fantastic, but I think I'd say when the police try to storm in and fail miserably.

So there's my favourites! How about yours! Let us know and why in the comments, also go over to iTunes and subscribe to the His and Hers podcasts, where Richee and Layla review Iron Man 3, so if you're planning on watching that this weekend, give that a listen first!

Hope you enjoyed the first attempt at blogging and have a good one from meee, Chris!


  1. Excellent chris. I love rambo! Look forward to your other ones

  2. I love alan rickman.... he is a great actor and even better when he plays the evil bad man which he does in most his films lol i totally agree with this count down of action movies could try the romance stuff next time for us girlies chris..... we know u love all that soppy stuff lol xx

    1. Cheers Laura =] hahaha I think Layla would be the better person for that =P


    2. I'll tell you this now, I don't even think I could fill a top five with my favourite romance films. His and hers isn't very gender stereotypical :)