Monday, 13 May 2013

Bam chicka wah wah - the look of love review

It's happens quite often in films nowadays that you should feel sorry for the bad guy in a film; there are as many antihero's in films then there are hero's. Most of the time the balance is right, but in the case of Michael Winterbottom's latest film "The Look of Love", Paul Raymond, played by Steve Coogan, is not quite bastardly enough. From research I've dragged up from the internet and from people that had heard of him at the time (I was only 5 in 1992, where this film ends), he was a proper arsehole. There are parts of the film where you are disgusted by what he does; constantly cheating on his wife, giving his daughter cocaine while she's giving birth, completely ignoring his illegitimate son, but you are kind of shown that yes, this is bad, but not horrendous. As Richee said to me after we saw the film, Steve Coogan was maybe not the best actor for this part. Yes, there maybe some parallels with Coogan's own playboy lifestyle, but that is not enough justification for this. Paul Raymond was by his own accounts a made up character in order to sell tits and arse, but in the end even his own daughter couldn't tell her dad apart from the real man and the construct. Unfortunately in this film, Coogan's comedic turns take the edge off what could of been a very interesting character study. I left this film wanting to know more about this man, but it seems that Winterbottom was just content to leave you with some light titillation instead.

Oh yeah, Chris Addison's beard is quite impressive in this film too.

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