Friday, 3 May 2013

"After some consideration...I've decided, not to endorse your park."

Hey guys, it's Chris, with confirmation of another sequel (yawn) for Steven Spielberg's epic Jurassic Park, set to be unleashed upon the World next year. Now I'm not really excited for this as it's a fourth sequel in a series that should be as extinct as the dinosaurs they create, but I can't help but read all the things I can about it, because I would love to see it work. But I'm about as optimistic for that as I am that World Peace will come about tomorrow.

But, I found out today that the director Colin Trevorrow tweeted a picture of a landscape that pretty much resembles Isla Nublar, where the original film was set. However nobody's come out and said if this is true so it's all speculation at the moment as they're being pretty secretive, but judging by how the second and third film went and they were set on another island, can Isla Nublar be a good omen for the series? Or will this be like the third film and you'll forget what happened before you even leave the cinema?

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