Wednesday, 17 April 2013

wow that just looks terrible

Hi guys! So in one of my previous blogs I wrote about the new Spider Man villains being Paul Giamatti as the Rhino and Jamie Foxx as lead villain Electro. And this week we got to see the finished look of Jamie Foxx's Electro and personally I think he looks awful. I mean fair enough you can't bring in the yellow and green spikey outfit of the comics but why in the blue hell is he blue? Maybe 'cause he is one of the bit part villains in the Marvel Universe they figure they can alter his appearance drastically. But as the other villain will be a CGI Paul Giamatti I was hoping for some thing a little special for Electro. Oh well. I was all ways taught never to judge a book by its cover so heres hoping Jamie puts in an awesome performance to make Electro his own. Don't forget to go listen to our recent movie review, Ryan Gosling and Bradley Coopers Place Beyond the Pines, also starring Dane Dehaan who is the new Harry Osborn. Richee

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