Saturday, 6 April 2013


The nations favourite director, the man behind "the feel good film of the decade" Slumdog Millionaire, the winner of all those Oscars, and the creative director of the UK's glory moment, the over zealous Olympic opening ceremony. What could a man who exudes so much positivity, grace and patriotism possibly come up with next? How about a film that explores murder, betrayal, theft and shaved vagina's?

Yes it is a bit different from what Danny Boyle has become famous for, but for anyone that is familiar with his films, it is more of a back to form. Boyle isn't afraid to look at the darker side of life. Trainspotting was about heroin addiction, Sunshine about the battle between religion and science, and of course Slumdog, which included poverty and brutal punishment towards children. But unlike the magnetic humanity that these film have, Trance seems to bypass that critical ingredient for a slightly silly "oh my god, whats gonna happen next!?!?!" kind of stories. It seems that the writers spent so long trying to make the script as topsy-turvey and unexpected that they forgot to make you actually feel anything for the characters. Oh well... I hope this is just his antidote to the Olympics and Mr Boyle will be back on form soon. We love you Danny!

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So is Danny Boyle losing his touch, or is Trance a perfect mixture of thriller and full frontal nudity. Let us know in the comments.

Thanks! Layla

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