Sunday, 28 April 2013

superhero's everywhere which ones do we like

So after watching Iron Man 3 last night i decided to do a combination list of my top 3 favourite superhero films and my 3 most hated superhero films that's see if this works.

Positive 3. X-Men : First Class - This is how you do a reboot was never a fan off the original 3 this one is the best way to kick off and leaves me longing for upcoming sequal Days of Future Past. This scored 7.8 on imdb.

Negative 3. X-Men : The Last Stand - Too many things wrong with this film to even list so i will start with my biggest peev Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut not only did he look awful in that muscle suit but the fact they ignored his origins so it didn't interfere with the terrible story some how this garbage got 6.8 on imdb what were they thinking.

Positive 2. The Avengers - I enjoyed this film imensely from the action to the comedy this film had everything including scarlette johanson in a very tight latex suit (nice) this film scored an impressive 8.3 on imdb.

Negative 2. Wolverine Origins - This would have been number 1 if i didn't include D C films but everything about this film sucks from Gambit to Will i am being in it and the whole ending with Deadpool and Wolverine getting shot with an adamantium bullet losing his memory W.T.F scoring 6.7 on imdb who rates these films

Positive 1. The Dark Knight - What else did you expect amazing story amazing directing and the acting blew me away Heath Ledger putting in the performance of a life time and it was a shame to lose him R.I.P Heath Ledger. Scoring a well deserved 9.0 on imdb if you havn't seen it yet get on it

Negative 1. Batman and Robin - Another obvious choice, this film is terrible the acting was way below par the directing none existant and costumes with nipples any one involved in this should be ashamed so yeah fuck Joel Schumacker for making this garbage. Scoring a generous 3.6 on imdb this is one film that should not have happened.

so there you go guys let me know your favourite films and your most loathed films and don't forget to check out our Iron Man 3 review this tuesday. Richee.

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