Thursday, 18 April 2013

remember when sci-fi use to be scary? let me remind you

So last night me and the Layla watched the Fourth Kind, a very lackluste Sci Fi Horror movie. With that and Dark Skies showing how not to do sci-fi horror I thought I would make a top 5 of the best sci-fi horrors.

5. Sunshine - Danny Boyle's sci-fi epic about trying to kickstart the sun with a nuke takes a pretty drastic turn for the worst when the crew decide to check out what happened to the first group, who failed to deliver there pay load. With the likes of Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans and Rose Byrne this is one to watch.

4. Event Horizon - Easily Paul W.S. Anderson's best film, About a rescue crew who go to investigate a space ship, the Event Horizon, which went through a black hole. With an amazing performance by Sam Neill as Dr. William Weir and starring Laurence Fishburne this is pretty brutal.

3. 1986 The Fly - David Cronenberg's brilliant film starring Jeff Goldblum as a brilliant scientist whos teleportation macine mixes his molocules with a fly with disasterous results. Also starring Geena Davis and John Getz this is one re-make which surpassed the original.

2. Alien - Ridley scott's amazing sci-fi horror was unlucky not to make number 1. I love both films, but here we our a deep space mining ship investigate what they think is an S.O.S but discover a nest of strange eggs instead. Starring Sigourney (get away from her you bitch) Weaver, Ian(now a hobbit) Holm and John(don't give me spaghetti) Hurt.

1.1982 The Thing - John Carpenter's amazing Antartic horror movie see's an alien organism that can shape shift into its victims who can you trust? Starring John Carpenter's most used actor Kurt Russell, Keith David and solid performances by everyone else this is my sci-fi horror champ.

So what do you guys think is the best sci-fi horror ever let me know in the comments and don't forget to give the podcast a listen, share and a rate thanks. Richee

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