Sunday, 28 April 2013

only god forgives you have my attenetion

Goodness me after watching the red band trailer for Only God Forgives I'm getting very excited. Reuniteing Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn and every ones favourite actor Ryan Gosling, coming out of his excellent performance in Place Beyond the Pines, here comes Only God Forgives. Starring Gosling as Julian, the manager of a Thai boxing club as a front for his drug running buisness in Bangkok's criminal underground. After his brother kills a prostitute the police call retired cop and angel of vengeance Chang, played by Vithaya Pansringarm, to avenge the girl. Julian's mother Jenna, the head of a powerful criminal organization, comes to Bangkok to collect her first born son's body. She orders Julian to get revenge and raise hell. Come on just from the synopsis it sounds like Julian is more of the bad guy then Chang but then when you watch the trailer Chang just comes off as a nutter so this crime, drama, thriller has me very excited. Due out around the end of may it looks likes Gosling might have another gem under his belt. May this movie partnership last a long time. Richee

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