Thursday, 11 April 2013

No more anal probes? Dark Skies podcast

Aliens, whether real or not, have found furtile ground amongst screen writers imaginations. They are usually a metaphor for something, such as Christ in the 1951 The Day The Earth Stood Still, or as the unfathomable personification of evil, as in the Alien films. The advantage of having an unproven entity as a character is that you can paste any kind of social/psychological/emotional meaning you wish onto them. Which is why I wondering what the fuck is the matter with the writter of Scott Stuarts new film, Dark Skies. The one unusual aspect of this rather plain and predicatble tweeny horror is that fact that the aliens, The Grays, only make contact with humans in order to take the piss out of them. Intergalatic bullies, if you will. They study you in order to find your fears and then they abuse them. In one way this could just be lazy writing, so as to not bother explaining a history to these aliens, or it could be, as I believe, a metaphor for the utter void we have left ourselves in, where we are willing to believe in extremeties, but only on the surface. These Grays are a kind of post-internet alien, where they can be all aliens all at the same time but fleeting in their transendentalness, as we go onto something different. Well, in my opinion anyway. Truth be told, this film is like an hour and half of web procratination; you just keep on waiting for something more interesting to come up, and it never does.

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Have you seen Dark Skies? Do you agree with my discriptions of the aliens? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks! Layla

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