Friday, 26 April 2013

jurassic park 4 what is spielberg thinking

I'm really starting to lose hope with Hollywood and the lack of imagination going on there all we seem to get our sequals and reboots and one franchise which has only got worse with sequals is jurassic park. After the atrocity that was Jurassic Park 3 how could it get worse well i don't know but I'm sure there find away rumours going round were about soldiers who had been genetically crossed with dinosaurs which sounds like one of the worst b-movie ideas ever, but luckily that got binned. After Steven Spielberg announced the sequal at 2011 comic-con it has been under close wraps meeting up with writer Mark Protosevich (without studio observation) to discuss story ideas. Due out in june 2014 and with little known director Colin Trevorrow on board this is yet another film i'm not looking forward too. Also speaking of reboots go check out the Evil Dead special where we review Sam Raimi's two originals and the like it or hate reboot so check it out guys. Richee

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