Friday, 26 April 2013

Fuck that ending! Evil Dead special

Ever been so disappointed by something that you wish you could just scoop your eyes out and give them a good wash in some industrial bleach? Well, Fede Alverez's latest film attempts to make better the perfect and in turn totally disenfranchises the very people it was aimed at. Well, that's not strictly true. Alverez's version of Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead" is indeed not intended for fans of the original, but instead for people who have never heard, let alone never seen, the first two versions. This makes me sad. The originals where classics; scary as well as funny, brilliant plot, and enough gore to sink a ship. The new version is the same dark gunk colour as every other contemporary torture porn flick, depressing character development, and the most insulting ending ever. If you're an Evil Dead fan, avoid this film like you would the necrinomicon. If you've not seen Evil Dead before, go see the original ones and find out what the necrinomicon is. As a film in its own right, it's dull and boring. Horror used be e most exciting type of cinema out there. It's rapidly turning into an uncomfortable genre based solely on the voyeuristic gaze on punishment.

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