Sunday, 24 March 2013

you can be my hero baby

So in a recent interview we found out Ryan Reynolds would be reluctant to don the green ring of hal jordan in another greeen lantern movie or jla movie. He stated it would  have to be a big time director who could handle the egos of all these actors. And that would have to be big a big director if Christian Bale returns as Batman; but Reynolds did nod towards Christopher Nolan as a director he would work under but as he stepped down from Batman does that mean the end for DC outings all together ? Another film he has no problem doing a sequal too will be the deadpool movie. If it ever happens that is with Rhett Reese doing the screenplay from zombieland fame and the unknown director well to me anyway Tim Miller. Due to the fact Robert Rodriguez turned it down back in 2010 to do a Spy Kids 4 film ouch now that is a slap in the face. I have to agree with ryan though as i am a Marvel fan boy and would love them to recast him and do it right this time dam you wolverine origins. But if they do attempt to do it right they will have to make it a 15 rating at least as there usually is alot of gore and nudity in Deadpools outings.

P:S Don't forget to check out Reynolds new film R.I.P.D out in june another graphic novel being turned into a film. Also starring Kevin Bacon and Jeff Bridges it follows a recently murdered cop joining forces with an undead police force to find his killer. Richee

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