Friday, 1 March 2013

the most terrifying film you will ever experience

OMG. April 19th, mark this on your calendar. I love the Evil Dead films. They are easily the highlight of both Sam Raimi's and Bruce Campbell's career. When I found out they were doing a remake obviously I was a bit dubious. To hear they have both Campbell and Raimi producing, I can't help but be excited, especially after the red band trailer (if you havn't seen it yet get on it now then come back to me). Bruce Campbell actually turned down a cameo which makes me a little sad, but still at least he has a part to play. The story follows close to the original with 5 friends going to a cabin and being killed and possesed by demons bought back into this world through the Necronomicon, which is unknowingly released by Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci), who I think will be taking over from Ash (Bruce Campbell) as the hero with Mia (Jane Levy) being the first to go and from what the trailer shows the main protagonist. I've not seen either of their previous outings so they have a clean sheet in my eyes. Also featuring in the film is Jessice Lucas as Olivia, Elizabeth Blackmore as Natalie and Shiloh Fernandez as David. Now having seen Shiloh Fernandez in the poor Red Riding Hood reboot I hope they don't cast him as the hero. They may have even changed it to either Jessica Lucas or Elizabeth Blackmore to surprise the fan boys, and as girl power is still going strong, you never know. I hope it is Eric as the hero, but no one knows what other changes director Fede Alvarez may have made. All I know is that there is a lot of fanboys to please and claiming to be the most terrifying film ever they have given themselves a hill to climb. I have faith and His and Hers Movie Reviews will be doing an Evil Dead Saturday Special, so look out for that in April you lucky people. Richee

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