Saturday, 16 March 2013

the dead will walk the earth in remake after remake after remake

In 1968 George A. Romero released the amazing Night of the Living Dead movie to screens around the world. It took 32 years for them to do a re-make starring Tony Todd as Ben and Patricia Tallman as now tough as nails Barbara with a story reminiscent of the original other then a few tweaks here and there. Now with all the recent zombie re-makes and just all round terrible zombie films being pumped out, as its the in thing at the moment, we have a very interesting zombie concept on the way. Based on Romero's classic, be it with a change of scenery, this time being a New York apartment building rather then a quiet old farm house. Thats right, we have another re-make 23 years after the last one and 55 years since the original. We see the return of Tony Todd as Ben and Bill Mosely returns as Johnny. Written and directed by first timer Zebediah De Soto this one intrigues for the main fact it is gonna be an animation rather then live action. Also starring Daniele Harris from the Halloween reboots as Barbara and Tom Sizemore as Chief McClelland. I find it hard to see this making cinema screens and see it more of a straight to DVD kind of film but I will be keeping an eye out for it in hope it stays close to its roots, as the basic survival story is an entertaining one. No release date yet but it should be out later on in the year, hopefully. Richee

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