Thursday, 28 March 2013

now that would be strange

So in a recent interview with Nicolas Cage he announced that he was done with Johnny Blaze and the Ghost Rider. After it was panned by critic and fan alike I can't say i'm surprised about this. But after announcing that he then decided to throw his hat into the ring for the upcoming Doctor Strange film as the good doctor himself which I pray never happens, if there is one thing that would crush this movie from the get go it will be casting Cage in the lead role. Don't get me wrong he was awesome as Big Daddy in Kick Ass but thats because he was such a simple character unlike Doctor Strange. And especially when there are so many more people suited for that role one i would personally like to see is Zachary Quinto give that man a suave goatee and boom done. But who do you think would make a good sorcerer supreme let me know in the commments below and don't forget to check out the latest podcast where we review Side Effects. Richee

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  1. I do like ur choice of Zachary Quinto here are a couple of other choices Jensen Ackle or Bradley Cooper