Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Making it big in America?

Richee got quite upset doing the latest podcast for Stoker, Chan-Wook Park's first English language film. As Oldboy is Richee's favourite film, he was devistated to find that was not the same extreme type of cinema that you expect from the South Korean director. It's tempting to say that is is the American-Lite version of a Chan-Wook film.This is an 18, yet the violence is quite subtle and rare that we wondered why it wasn't actually a 15. I'd compare this film more to David Lynch's ouvre, where the horror is in the sense of difference; India Stoker doesn't dress or act like you're average 18 year old, her father stuffed every animal she has ever killed, and in a brilliant scene you almost mistake her self-pleasure for her being upset.

If this film had the psychological agony of a David Lynch script, this film would of been perfect. There is technically nothing wrong with Chan-Wook's directing. In fact, its perfect directing, everything looks beatific and devilish at the same time. But this isn't a perfect film. Far from it. Instead of being a study of family value's and the ethics of murder, it's merely a picture story of Homebase colour charts and Hitchcock-ian rip-off's. I shan't spoil it too much for you, as I still want people to support this film. Despite it's lack of story line, it is still better than the brainless tripe Hollywood pumps out for the most part. And it also include's a Philip Glass piano duet (if I'm honest, the main reason why I wanted to see this film).

I believe this film is tainted by its Chan-Wook Park connection. You expect blood and gore, forbidden theme's and exceptional story telling, but this film is a distilled version of that. Under any other circumstance, this would of been a great film, but with such a brilliant director, we were expecting more.

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Thanks! - Layla

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  1. Loved this pod cast I really felt Richards pain :-) love the banter with u 2 from Jolene xx